Best PTC Sites that Can Make you Money

There are lot of PTC sites now a days running and it is very difficult to identify the most legit ones. The issue is, if a site is today classified as legit then there is no guarantee it will be legit in the future. I have earned some money with PTC sites but some time it was happened to me that when I reached a cashout limit then the site get scam and I lost all my effort. This is the biggest issue with such sites.

Despite that there are lot of sites that are paying more than 5 years without any problem. But you also need to look at earning opportunities that this site is offering. Overall, the earning potential of this industry is very low but some may offer better rates than other sites. To name a few;

Neobux – It was launched by Fernando on March 2008. It is one of most famous site out there. This site started with high click rates but with the passage of time it drop the rate of per ad but added more streams of income for its members. Using this sole platform, some of the people are earning more than $1000 per month. This is due to investing in rental referrals.

Clixsense – It was launched on February 2007, even older than Neobux. It is even better than Neobux because of its unlimited direct referral program, multiple earning levels and very user friendly. Sometime people complaint about strict policies of Neobux due to account termination but very few instance with Clixsense.

CashnHits – It is also very old site and has been paying since 2009. This site also works on the same premise as last one works. With PTC features, it has also GPT features as well. GPT stand for get paid to in which you will also get offers and surveys to complete.

BuxP – It was launched in 2008 and has grown very fast. It also offers multiple earning opportunities that a member can utilize and earn some money. Its owner name is Max Cartener and one of few sites that are 7 years old.

Buxvertise – It is not as old as other sites because it was launched on April 201. This site is growing very well and within short span of time it has more than 275,000 members. Moreover, it offers much more earning potential than any other sites.

The best thing is to join these sites and work on them and left all other sites especially new ones because they are a complete waste of time. Just focus on 5 to 6 sites and work on them and make referrals. Day will come when you are earning more than $100 from each site. You may also invest on such sites but there is definitely a risk involved and you need to be very careful. Don’t put all eggs into your one basket.

If you have 5 sites then this will reach to more than $500 per month and this is very good money for beginner and using this money you may also join more exciting platforms.

Please keep in mind that if you are working on any this industry then it will not make you a full-time income. If you are looking for full time income then go for that post.


How PTC sites works?

PTC stands for pay to click. It is called this because you are paid for clicking ads and looking for few seconds. PTC sites has been around years and it is the easiest way to make money online. Most of the beginners looking for online earnings, starts with this industry. But the truth is very few people would be able to get something out of these sites. If you are looking for making money with PTC sites then you need guidance to do this otherwise you waste your time and money. I am taking guidance from following site;
Actually the owners of such sites start this just by purchasing readymade scripts. When advertisers come to such sites for promotion of their businesses they pay certain fee to such platforms and such sites will then share these advertisement to their members. When they watch such ads then admin pay a certain percentage of amount.
Most of PTC sites pay $0.001 per ad to $0.02 depending upon the length of the ad. Most of such sites are scam and only a few among them are paying to their members. I have seen 99% of people working on such sites don’t able to earn money. The reason is simple, if you are just clicking on your own then at most you will be able to earn $1 to $2 per month. This is not much for most of the people.

How to Increase your Earnings?

The best way to increase your earning is to make direct referrals for your site. Direct referral means, using referral link and enroll your friends, family and other people. When they join through your referral link then they become your direct referral and you will earn a certain portion of their earnings when they click ads but there earnings would not decrease.
This is not the easiest thing for most of the people as it requires skills to get referrals. Remember also, referring would also provide you benefits once you start making them in good number like 100, 200 and plus.

Most Popular PTC sites:

There are many popular sites in this industry that has been paying since long with the name of;
• Neobux
• Clixsense
• Clixten
• Donkeymail
• Cashnhits
• Scarletclicks
There are also few scammed sites that are very famous among people and they are cheating people by offering $1 to $10 per click. How can this be possible that they pay such huge amounts for click just one ad for few seconds?

Whether we should Work or Not?

As a beginner you may go for such sites to know what is happening in the industry and if you know the art of getting referrals then you can also earn some money. I have seen PTC gurus who are earning thousands of dollars from such industry but they are very few.
I will not recommend this industry for longer term especially if you don’t know the art of making referrals. To make a referral, simply send your affiliate link to friends, family and other people. Use social media, forums, answering sites or creating your own blog.
Creating your own blog is so far the best pay to get referrals and you can use free platform like blogger, wordpress or other sites. Look at me I am also using tis free platform and you don’t need to pay any hosting, domain and other charges.